Almost Ready to Start!

We’re almost ready to start our robotics competition season. This Saturday, our first and only scrimmage of the season is set to be held out in Kaufman, TX.

Our season is full of 3 different league meets followed by a league championship and then a regional qualifier. All of these events carry us through 11-February-2017!

The regional qualifier is the first elimination event where our season can come to an end. If we advance, the next level will be the regional competition (Texas) which is then followed by the super-regional competition (11 southern states).

Most first-year coaches who have advanced to that level have compared it to that of a bug and a windshield. They have all said that the level of competition is so much greater than that at lower levels.

The final level of the contest is the world championship. Given that we are a rookie team, the statistics are not stacked in our favor for us to advance to this level. However, we will be pushing as hard as we can for as long as we can for the entire season.

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