Clean Classroom = Crazy Mind

As we come into the end of February, I have a strange thing happening in my classroom – it’s clean!

Usually, my classroom is a “vortex of chaotic creation”. We usually have tools, robots, computer parts, a robotics competition game floor, and an assortment of other random materials laying about in the classroom on tables and in cabinets.

As you can see, the robotics floor is out of the room and that opens up a massive amount of room!

We also have everything in the robotics closet organized!

We have all of the parts sorted in various bins and trays now and they are labeled. We can actually find stuff pretty quickly now!

We now have a dedicated “clean-up” time at the conclusion of each robotics class to ensure that everything gets put away in its proper place.

I am very happy to have a clean room, for the moment. It is very “unlike” me and has led a few to wonder if I have gone crazy!

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