CS1 22-Jan-2018

Lesson Name:

Iterative Loops – Hands-On

TEKS – §126.33 (Computer Science 1):

  • c.4 – Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. The student uses appropriate strategies to analyze problems and design algorithms. The student is expected to:
  • c.4.U – demonstrate proficiency in the use of the relational operators
  • c.4.V – demonstrate proficiency in the use of the logical operators

Lesson Objectives:

  1. The student will demonstrate an understanding of the three main iterative looping structures (do, do while, and for).

Materials Needed:

  1. Worksheets – 2018-01-22 – Hands-On with Iterative Loops

Description of Lesson:

Students will be given a list of physical instructions to repeat in an iterative pattern in a do, do while, and for loop. Students will perform the physical tasks the number of times the iterative instructions provide.

Students will then complete a worksheet using Python to solve for given iterative mathematical problems enclosed in various loop structures.


  • Daily Grade – Participation in Physical Iterative Loops
  • Daily Grade – Iterative Mathematical Problems

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