Eggs Away! Look Out Below!

Egg Drop Experiment
Egg Drop Experiment

In my Principles of Technology class, we performed the classic “egg drop” rig building experiment. As this is a fundamental physics class, we’re using this to discuss Unit 2: Conservation of Energy and Momentum where we cover Newton’s 3 laws of motion.

The students were given three 90-minute class sessions to research ideas for their drop rigs and to build them.

Following these three class sessions, we performed the drops.

The first drop was done from the ground at a height of 2 meters (~6.56 feet). Of the 20 rigs that were dropped, 18 survived and 2 failed.

The second drop was done from the basket of a pneumatic boom lift at a height of 7 meters (~22.96 feet). Of the 18 rigs that were dropped, 10 survived and 8 failed.

The third drop was also done from the basket on the boom.lift at a height of 15.5 meters (~50.85 feet). Of the 10 rigs that were dropped, 5 survived and 5 failed.

The final drop was done like the third drop, but each rig was thrown as opposed to only being accelerated by gravity. Of the 5 rigs that were thrown, 3 survived and were declared the “winner” and 2 failed.

Panoramic Image from Lift of FHS
Panoramic Image from Lift of FHS

Following the last drop, I took a quick panoramic picture using Google Cardboard Camera. It was a nice view around Ferris today!

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