Girls Summer STEM Camp

Well, my original “gutsy goal” for an all-girls Summer STEM camp has hit a funding snag. I was hopeful that we could purchase LEGO Mindstorm EV3 kits and establish 4 FIRST LEGO League teams at Ferris Junior High and 4 more at Ferris Intermediate. While I have not exhausted all of my funding avenues, I am starting to plan my fall-back solution should we have extremely limited funding.

The plan will be to have girls who have completed 4th or 5th grade be in the first camp, which will be the weeks of June 4th and June 11. The girls who have completed 6th grade will be in the second camp, which will be the week of June 18th and June 25th.

In both camps, the girls will be broken-up into 3 teams. I would limit the number of girls on a team to 7, so that means no more that 21 girls can be enrolled in the camp.

Each team will be given a basic FTC kit of parts. One will be REV and the other two will be PITSCO/TETRIX. We will cover basic build and programming in the first two or three days and then take a look at the Relic Recovery game. The girls will have the rest of that week to build and program a robot and will compete one-on-one in a Relic Recovery game.

We will do to different rounds of competition to determine a “winner” from the camp. On the last day, we will break-down all of the equipment for either the next group of campers or for summer storage.

The only expenses I see with this solution are that I do not have phones or controllers for the REV kit of parts. As such, I would need to purchase two inexpensive Android phones and will need to purchase the controllers.

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