Interactive Circuits Lab

Today in PAE, we did an interactive circuits lab. I assigned the students to create 3 different circuits from the PHET Interactive Circuit Construction Kit: DC – Virtual Lab hosted by University of Colorado – Boulder.

Circuit 1 was a simple series circuit consisting of two lights, two batteries, and a switch:

Circuit 2 was a somewhat easy series circuit consisting of one light, three batteries, a switch, and a 120 Ohm resistor:

Circuit 3 was a parallel circuit consisting of three lights, each controlled independently with a switch:

Circuit 4 was a parallel circuit identical to circuit 3, but had a series “master switch” in it:

Circuit 5 was a short circuit with an over-heated power supply:

The students appeared to have fun with the lab and were engaged the entire class time. Thank you UC-Boulder for this nice interactive tool!

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