Iterations Exam 1

In Computer Science I, we have now completed our first exam over iterations. This was a high-level look at basic iterative structures such as:

  • for loops
  • while loops
  • nested while loops
  • do while loops

The test was administered in a single 90-minute class and then reviewed for corrections which were submitted during the next class session.

Computer Science Unit 2 Test Grade Distribution
Computer Science Unit 2 Test Grade Distribution

The raw (uncurved) exam grades came in with a MEDIAN of 53% and a MEAN of 60.4%. The curved exam grades had a final MEDIAN of 74.05% and a MEAN of 77.8%.

Following validation of the 25 questions, it was determined that only 1 question (#6) was a bad question and was discarded. The remaining 24 questions were considered valid and correct.

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