Microsoft Word Exam #1

bim-2010-bookWe recently gave the first exam for Microsoft Word. In our textbook, Microsoft Word was broken into 4 distinct units (A, B, C, and D).

We started the school year working on developing or refining keyboarding skills using Alfatyping. As such, we didn’t get started in the book until mid-September.

Our current grading cycle closes on 14-October. Up to this point, we have only covered through Unit C of Microsoft Word. At the conclusion of each unit we have given a unit “concepts quiz” and have taken numerous daily grades. Unfortunately, we have not yet had the opportunity to take a major grade.

After some discussion, we agreed to create an “intermediate” exam that would cover only Units A, B, and C. We created both an application (hands-on) exam and a concepts (knowledge) exam. The plan is to utilize the materials created by my predecessor (who is no longer able to teach BIM due to additional administrative duties) for an “end of Word” exam that would cover Units A, B, C, and D.

Our application test was the following:

Students were presented with a file with partial content and a set of 20 instructions to complete for formatting. They also had to complete the content in the file. Each major numbered task was worth 5 points.

Our concepts test was the following:

Students were presented with a total of 30 multiple choice questions. Approximately 10 questions from each unit (A, B, & C) were presented to the students.

Students were told that the exam was “open resource” and they were welcome to use whatever research techniques they had at their disposal. Examples of using the book, searching online, and discussing with a neighbor were all presented to the students.

Both tests were given over 2 90-minute classes. The application test was presented at the start of the first 90-minute class while the concepts test was presented at the start of the second 90-minute class.

On average, 65% of students completed the application test by the conclusion of the first 90-minute class. The remaining 35% completed the application test by the conclusion of the second 90-minute class following their work on the concepts test.

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