Projectile Motion Worksheet #2

My Principles of Technology class is continuing to work on the preparations for the projectile motion project of launching a water balloon at me from 40 yards away.

Today, we analyzed how to calculate the maximum height and maximum range of a projectile.

I first showed them the formulas and we pulled apart the variables:

Maximum Height and Range Formulas
Maximum Height and Range Formulas

We then discussed that the mass of the object does NOT appear as any of the variables. We discussed why this is and then watched the following video:

Afterward, we started to work on the problems in the following online worksheet.

Projectile Motion Worksheet

The first 5 questions are short answer and will vary by student. The answers to the last 15 questions are provided at the link below:

Projectile Motion Worksheet Solutions

Up next, we will analyze drag coefficients and the impact of air/wind resistance on the flight path of the balloon.

We’ll then move into designing a launch apparatus that can launch the projectile at the correct angle and velocity.

Finally, we’ll move to testing. Fortunately, for this project, no fires!


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