Proposed FTC Season Events

FIRST Tech ChallengeI recently got a message that the North Texas area for FIRST Tech Challenge will focus on qualifying tournaments this upcoming season as opposed to league play.

I have sent a message to our new affiliate partner to determine if we can get the majority of the teams in our league to commit to league play, could we proceed with leagues as opposed to qualifiers.

My concern is that many teams may only have the resources to pay for a single event. If that is the case, their robot is only guaranteed to drive 5 times the entire season in qualifying play. In contrast, they’re guaranteed 20 different times to compete in league play.

I am proposing the following season schedule for the league…

  • Kick-Off Event – 09-Sept-2017
  • League Scrimmage / Workshop – 21-Oct-2017
  • League Meet #1 – 18-Nov-2017
    • SAT is on 02-Dec and ACT is on 09-Dec
  • League Meet #2 – 16-Dec-2017
  • League Meet #3 – 13-Jan-2018
  • League Tournament – 27-Jan-2018
  • Last Chance Qualifiers – 02-Feb-2018

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