Relic Recovery Brainstorming

FIRST-FTC-RelicRecovery17-18-Color-840x700We got our first glimpse of the 2017-2018 FIRST Tech Challenge game last night with a 30-second teaser video posted onto YouTube.

As soon as that video was posted, the speculation began on what the game would be. As an FTC coach, I have no access as to what the game will be ahead of time. The only information I have, beyond the teaser was released in e-mail communications to coaches and mentors.

On May 16th, we received an e-mail from FIRST with the following excerpt:

2017-2018 Season Game Update:
In preparation for the 2017-2018 season, we would like to advise our teams that the 2017-2018 game will not be using the beacon that has been used the past two seasons.

On May 18th, we received an e-mail from AndyMark with the following excerpt:

FIRST Tech Challenge Field Pre-Orders Available

Whether you're a veteran FIRST Tech Challenge team or dipping your toe in the water next year, one thing is certain: you're going to need field elements! We've been proud to supply official game fields for FTC for several years now, and we'll be doing it again with the 2017-2018 game, FIRST Relic Recovery!

Like last year, we're taking preorders for delivery in September; your field elements will arrive early in the week after the FIRST Tech Challenge Kickoff on September 9th.  This year, the game allows us to offer a quarter-field option in addition to the usual half-field and full-field options.  This means that you can have official field elements for practice starting at $150!

We've also got you covered with official soft tiles and field perimeters to create a full, official playing field. And you know we can't talk about FIRST Tech Challenge without mentioning the competition-proven NeveRest gearmotors and TileRunner drive system that makes it easy to get up and running with a top-notch drive system.

What is of most interest in the AndyMark e-mail is the 2nd sentence of the 2nd paragraph:

This year, the game allows us to offer a quarter-field option in addition to the usual half-field and full-field options.

This indicates, at least to me, that major scoring components are limited to each of the corners of the game field this year.

Guessing the Game

Here is the video that was posted on May 18th:

So, I have no real clue as to what to expect in the autonomous period. I am going to guess that there will be some set of tasks to complete in the mid-field area.

For the main portion of the game, I envision that each corner will have a pedestal for holding a single “relic” or multiples “relics” from a specific historic period. The relics will be “broken” into 2 to 4 parts and scattered on the center of the game floor. They are possibly placed or dropped there as part of an autonomous task.

The goal will be that teams must retrieve parts of a relic, assemble it, and place it onto the correct historical pedestal.

I am going to guess that more complex relics are worth more points or there may be lower, middle, and higher positions on each pedestal to place a single relic at a specified level.

For the end game, teams will likely have to “climb out” of the archaeological site by grabbing onto a cross bar placed somewhere on the field, possibly at mid-field.

Countdown Timer:

What do you think the game will be?

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