QR Robotics Classification

Upon returning from Thanksgiving break, we’ll be looking at standard classification systems for robotic and automation systems. To start with, we’ll be doing a QR knowledge hunt.

Robot Classification Knowledge Hunt Cards

Classification Knowledge Hunt Card #1
Classification Knowledge Hunt Card #1

The 17 cards are placed on the walls around random parts of the main hallway. Unlike in my larger classes, everyone will be able to start at a set question and will not have to work in groups. Each student must move through all 17 cards in any order they would like as long as there is no unnecessary “congregating” around any single card.

This particular knowledge hunt requires the students to utilize a QR scanner to “read” the question.

They must scan the QR code and then either use their existing knowledge or research skills to answer the question. The answers are then recorded on a provided answer document, which is submitted for a grade.