Air Skimmers Project

Our next unit in Principles of Technology is the building of “air skimmers” for the intoduction into our second instructional unit – Energy and Momentum.

In this unit we cover the following TEKS:

(9)  The student describes and applies the laws of the conservation of energy and momentum. The student is expected to:

(A)  describe the transformational process between work, potential energy, and kinetic energy (work-energy theorem);

(B)  use examples to analyze and calculate the relationships among work, kinetic energy, and potential energy;

(C)  describe and calculate the mechanical energy of, the power generated within, the impulse applied to, and the momentum of a physical system; and

(D)  describe and apply the laws of conservation of energy and conservation of momentum.

Here are the parts for mine cut and ready. Planning to allocate a full 90-minute class to measuring, cutting, and drawing.

We’ll do assembly for the first half of the next class and then discuss the math and science behind what is going to happen.

The following class period, we’ll launch and see who goes the farthest and fastest.