Houston is “No Go”

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Ag Robotics event is this upcoming weekend (03-March-2018).

Ferris High School had all intentions of competing in this somewhat new event at HLSR this year. Regretfully, we’ve got a student scheduling conflict with UIL Solo & Ensemble and will be unable to attend the HLSR event.

In addition to being down a student, we are honestly not genuinely prepared for the event. While the build would be arguably easier than an FTC build, the programming is infinitely more complex and would rely on numerous bits of sensor data.

Due to the overlap between the FTC season and this event, I was not able to give this the attention it deserved and we were not able to really start working on it until just two weeks ago. That is just not enough time to build and program a competitive robot.

If I had been able to give it the attention it needed, I would make every effort to pull in an additional student to allow us to have a “full” team. However, the loss of one of the students just served as confirmation to me that we were not meant to do this event this year.

I am thinking of doing an “agricultural robotics event” as a possible FFA/FTC Robotics fund-raiser for next year. May look at something similar to the HLSR game or may go a completely different direction.