STEM Program Update – Draft 1

While on my Christmas Break, I have updated the proposal for the STEM program at Ferris High School.

CTE STEM Proposal Update – Draft 1

The proposal update makes several changes from the original proposal submitted at the conclusion of the 2015/2016 academic year.

The proposal, at it currently exists, calls for the following:

  • REMOVE Principles of Technology – TRANSFER to Science Department
  • RENAME Computer Programming I to AP Computer Science I
  • RENAME Computer Programming II to AP Computer Science II
  • RENAME Computer Programming III to Computer Science III
  • ADD Engineering Design & Problem Solving
  • ADD Robotics I Pre-Requisite Course – AP Computer Science I
  • ADD Robotics I Pre-Requisite Course – Engineering Design & Problem Solving

The proposal also makes a strong effort to provide a STEM Endorsement as outlined by HB5.


HB5 requires that the student must complete 3 required science courses:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

In addition, students must complete 2 additional science courses of their choice. We would recommend:

  • Principles of Technology
  • Engineering Design & Problem Solving


HB5 requires that the student must complete 3 required math courses:

  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II

In addition, students must complete 2 additional post-Algebra II courses of their choice. We would recommend:

  • AQR or Precalculus
  • AP Computer Science I


HB5 requires that the student must complete 4 courses from a pre-selected list. We would recommend:

  • AP Computer Science I
  • AP Computer Science II
  • Computer Science III
  • Robotics I

The plan also calls for eventually expanding the offerings of additional “overlap” courses such as:

  • Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (additional math course)
  • Engineering Mathematics (additional math course)

Currently, the proposal is under review by both internal and external sources to verify compliance with HB5.