Launch Angle, Velocity, Range, and Height

In my Principles of Technology class, we are preparing for a water balloon launching project. Teams have to build a rig to launch a water balloon at a target.

The targets are placed at fixed intervals of 20 yards, 40 yards, and 50 yards from the launchers. At each target site will be either a school administrator or myself.

Before launching, each team must present their mathematical proofs of concept of how they ensure they hit their target(s).

Leading up to several days of building, we are taking a test over these calculations.

Launch Angle Calculator

Launch Angle Exam Review Guide

Launch Angle Exam Review Guide Answers

As several of my students have not yet covered Trigonometric mathematics, I have provided a quick “plug-and-chug” worksheet in Excel that solves for the missing equations.

It will solve for the following:

  • H when given Vo and Theta
    • =((((B2)^2)*((SIN(B4))^2)))/(2*B5)
  • R when given Vo and Theta
    • =((((C2)^2)*((SIN(2*C4)))))/(B5)
  • Vo when given H and Theta
    • =SQRT((D6*(2*D5))/((SIN(D4))^2))
  • Vo when given R and Theta
    • =SQRT((E7*E5)/(SIN(2*E4)))
  • Theta when given Vo and H
    • =ASIN(SQRT((F6*(2*F5))/((F2)^2)))
  • Theta when given Vo and R
    • =ASIN((G7*G5)/((G2)^2))/2