It Is a Language Other Than English!

It has been a bit of a day, but we now have official word from Texas Education Agency that Computer Science I, Computer Science II, and Computer Science III are all considered as Languages Other Than English and therefore meet the LOTE requirement for students for high school graduation.

At the time of this writing, much of the information on the TEA website is out-of-date and refers to a September 1, 2016 deadline for when these courses no longer count as a LOTE credit. This was what generated much of the confusion.

For us, this means that this course must remain named Computer Science I and not Computer Programming. The difference is that Computer Science I is funded from the State of Texas Technology Applications / Computer Sciences budget while Computer Programming is funded from the Carl D. Perkins-backed Federal Career & Technical Education budget.

Regardless of funding source, we want to do what is in the best interest of our students and offering them an additional “foreign language” alternative is in their best interest. As such, it’s Computer Science I for this year.