Making Progress on Robot

We’re making progress on our robot! Speaking as a teacher, it was great seeing the look on my students’ faces when the robot jumped to life.

Our first scrimmage meet of the season is set for Saturday, 19-November-2016 at 8:00am at Kaufman High School.

While it may not yet be much to look at, it is driving in both a teleoperated and autonomous mode! Now, we can get to our actual build.

Our robot has made it for almost 8 hours of off/on driving over 3 school days on a single battery charge. During that same time, we dropped only one set screw and that was early on in the testing. Once it was tightened down, it has held with no problems.

We have had a few issues with the OTG cable between the core distribution module and the on-board phone. We’re in the process of replacing that with a micro-USB (male) to full-USB (female) that will then mate with a full-USB (male) to mini-USB (male). This will allow us to interface with the phone only having to interact with a full-size USB which we hope is more robust than the micro-USB we are working with now.