Robotic Systems Classifications Exam

We have spent the past 2 weeks covering 5 different classification systems of robotic and automated systems.

We have covered degrees of freedom, drive technology, kinematic structure, motion characteristics, and workspace geometry.

Robotic Classification Systems Notes

At the conclusion of this unit, students were given a review guide and an exam.

Robotics Classifications Exam

Robotics Classifications Exam Key

The results will be posted following the administration of the exam.

Robotics Tour to Ferris Intermediate

As part of the community outreach efforts for FTC 11242 (ERROR 404), the team visited with the students of all 19 homeroom classes at Ferris Intermediate School individually. This took a total of 4 full days to complete.

As opposed to just “showing off the robot” our efforts centered around working with the 4th and 5th grade girls discussing that gender has nothing to do with ability to succeed in mathematics, science, or engineering.

FIRST in Texas Round 1 Grant Awards

FIRST in Texas Foundation Logo
FIRST in Texas Foundation

The FIRST in Texas Foundation began notifying recipients of their grant awards from the first round of grant application processing on Friday, 28-October-2016.

FTC 11242 (Error 404) from Ferris High School is proud to announce that it has received an award letter from the Texas Workforce Commission for a grant in the amount of 1,525.00 for the 2016/2017 FIRST Tech Challenge Season!

Texas Workforce Commission Logo
Texas Workforce Commission

Texas Workforce Commission is the first official sponsor for FTC 11242 and we are proud to have their support and thank them for their sponsorship.

The grant is set-up to cover the season league fees of $250.00 and can then be used for qualifying expenses for materials and resources. With $250.00 allocated for play within the Citrine League of North Texas, that leaves $1,275.00 for materials and resources.

We will be seeking reimbursement of our $275.00 national registration fee which can then be applied as a credit with Pitsco. We will be using that credit to purchase components where Pitsco is a sole-source supplier.

AndyMark Logo
AndyMark Logo

The remaining $1,000.00 will be used to purchase items from AndyMark such as components of the Velocity Vortex game and parts for the robot.

We are once again, very thankful for the support of the Texas Workforce Commission and their continued support of FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition.

Robotics Parts Are Coming!

PITSCO Education Logo
PITSCO Education Logo

After several weeks and months of preparing for this moment, we now have robotics parts on order!

Our first parts will be coming in from PITSCO shortly and will consist of our TETRIX Competition Kit of Parts set as well as additional TETRIX components that are needed that are not part of the basic KOP.

We also ordered a starter communications bundle from PITSCO which contains two Moto – G Second Generation phones, two Logitech control pads, OTG cables for the phones, and a USB hub to allow for the control pads to interface with the driver station phone.

AndyMark Logo
AndyMark Logo

We also have parts en route from AndyMark, which is providing the upgraded motors for our robot along with some of the competition field materials, such as the beacons for us to practice with for the season.

We are extremely happy to have AndyMark as one of our vendors this season and look forward to working with them in future seasons as we expand our program further.

McMaster-Carr Logo
McMaster-Carr Logo

McMaster-Carr is our supplier for general mechanical parts and fasteners. They are providing all of our nuts, bolts, washers, screws, and hand-tools for the robotics team. All of the parts we are using from McMaster-Carr are stainless steel to replace the aluminum parts provided in the PITSCO KOP.

We were going to use Grainger for these parts, but McMaster-Carr had exactly what we needed and Grainger had some of the exact parts and only approximations of others.

Amazon Logo
Amazon Logo

Finally, we have a our “catch-all” vendor – Amazon. We are receiving numerous items from Amazon that we could otherwise not get from other vendors easily.

We are also using Amazon to purchase all of the Anderson PowerPole products that we need that we cannot purchase from PowerWerx. Unfortunately, PowerWerx only sells products to pre-pay customers. Public school districts are typically post-pay. As such, we had to go with another vendor to get the parts that we needed.

In addition to these Anderson PowerPole products, we are also purchasing battery chargers, safety glasses, fuses, and numerous other components from Amazon for our competition team.

Proposal for 2017/2018 Robotics Program Expansion in Draft

Well, my proposal for the expanded robotics program has started to take shape and I’ve started discussing it with my district leadership as outlined as one of my T-TESS professional goals.

The initial discussion has been very positive and looks like it has a high degree of being adopted by the district for the 2017/2018 school year.

The possible schedules and classes are as follows:

Proposed Schedule 1

08:00 – 08:53 FJH – Robotics 6 (FLL) or STEM Lab
08:58 – 10:01 FJH – Robotics 7/8 (FTC)
10:06 – 10:59 FJH – Conference/Planning
11:10 – 12:20 FHS – Lunch & Advisory
12:25 – 13:55 FHS – AP Computer Science I [A-Day]
14:00 – 15:30 FHS – Robotics I (FTC) [A-Day]
12:25 – 13:55 FHS – AP Computer Science II [B-Day]
14:00 – 15:30 FHS – Robotics II (FRC) [B-Day]

Proposed Schedule 2

08:00 – 09:30 FHS – AP Computer Science I [A-Day]
09:35 – 11:10 FHS – Robotics I (FTC) [A-Day]
08:00 – 09:30 FHS – AP Computer Science II [B-Day]
09:35 – 11:10 FHS – Robotics II (FRC) [B-Day]
11:10 – 12:20 FHS – Lunch & Advisory
12:41 – 13:34 FJH – Conference/Planning
13:39 – 14:32 FJH – Robotics 7/8 (FTC)
14:37 – 15:30 FJH – Robotics 6 (FLL) or STEM Lab

Next Step

My next step is to go see our STEM Lab at FJH in action with students engaged in it. I’ll also be going over to evaluate components and equipment they are currently using and how a robotics team could be implemented in conjunction with it, namely with the 6th graders. For the 7th/8th graders, the plan is to simply offer a second STEM elective as a robotics course that aligns with FTC.

Funding Sources

I am also in the process of working with Samantha Bradbury – STEM Co-Coordinator for Education Service Center – Region 10 to communicate with program teachers and coordinators across the region to identify where junior high-level robotics programs can and are being funded from.

Robotics Proposal

Well, I gave myself a real challenge this year: I put down as one of my professional goals for my T-TESS to complete a proposal for expanding our robotics program within the district. I was smart and simply said that I will have a proposal before the School Board and did not say if it was approved or not. Of course, I hope that it would be.

Currently, we have STEM labs at our upper-elementary school, intermediate school, and junior high school. Those labs are based upon the SmartLabs by Creative Learning Systems.

My proposal would be complementary to those STEM labs and allow students to expand their horizons further into the fields related to robotics and automation.

As far as current robotics classes, we have a single Robotics and Automation class at the high school and a single FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team that is also based at the high school.

The proposal would call for us to add a second-year Robotics course to the high school, which would center around curriculum related to the FIRST Robotics Competition program. The first-year Robotics course would center around curriculum related to the FIRST Tech Challenge program.

In addition, we would add two new courses to the junior high school offerings. We would have a Robotics 6 and a Robotics 7/8. The Robotics 6 class would center around curriculum related to the FIRST Lego League program while the Robotics 7/8 class would center around curriculum related to the FIRST Tech Challenge program.

These are absolutely part of the proposal in addition to AP Computer Science I (AP Computer Science – Principles) and AP Computer Science II (AP Computer Science – A).

I have also been brainstorming on if there is a way to incorporate a FIRST Lego League team or teams at our intermediate campus, but as of now, I can’t seem to come up with a way to incorporate that.

A rough schedule would look something like this…

08:00am to 08:53am – Robotics 7/8 (FJH)
08:58am to 09:51am – Robotics 6 (FJH)
09:56am to 10:49am – Conference/Planning (FJH)
11:10am to 12:20pm – Advisory/Lunch (FHS)
12:25pm to 01:55pm (A) – AP Computer Science I (FHS)
12:25pm to 01:55pm (B) – AP Computer Science II (FHS)
02:00pm to 03:30pm (A) – Robotics I (FHS)
02:00pm to 03:30pm (B) – Robotics II (FHS)

As you can see, there is really no time for a transition and class for a single teacher to cover at another campus. Now, I may add in the proposal a future considerations section which would discuss FIRST Lego League and FIRST Lego League Junior at the upper-elementary and the intermediate campus.

Still in its early stages of development and drafting. Time will tell what the final proposal looks like.