FTC Kick-Off Event Planning

FTC 2016-2017 - Velocity Vortex
FTC 2016-2017 – Velocity Vortex

Each year, FIRST Tech Challenge reveals the game for the new season on either the first of the second Saturday of September. This past year, the kick-off event was held on Saturday, 10-September-2017.

This year, our region held a kick-off event at University of Texas at Dallas in Hoblitzelle Hall in Cecil Auditorium. That lecture hall is able to accommodate a few hundred, but was at capacity. Some teams had to be turned away to ahead-of-time to other events that had to be organized to handle overflow.

For the 2017-2018 kick-off event, Ferris High School will be opening its doors to host teams from across the North Texas region!

Panoramic Image - Main Gymnasium
Panoramic Image – Main Gymnasium

The plan would be to house teams, three covered game floors, and the emcee in the main gymnasium during the kick-off event.

Panoramic Image - Auxiliary Gymnasium
Panoramic Image – Auxiliary Gymnasium

Depending on how many teams attend, we may also have 3 additional game floors in the auxiliary gymnasium.

When we have hosted FTC events in the 2016/2017 year, the main gymnasium was where the single game floor was placed and spectators were seated in the stands. The auxiliary gymnasium was used for the team pit areas and practice floor(s).